I studied advertising photography, commercial photography and industrial photography at University after serving an apprenticeship as a photographer’s assistant where I loaded film for plate cameras, brewed coffee and built room sets and all for £22 per week. It was hard graft but a great grounding in a profession I love and it taught me how to be resourceful in all situations. The 2 photographers who laid the groundwork for the photographer you see today were Chris Wild and Alan Strange. I owe them much though I should’ve realised the clues were there. My career so far has certainly been wild and strange!

The world of Advertising photography is vast and varied and I seem to have circumnavigated it many times, shooting for many magazines and relishing the challenge of creating the killer shot for any given situation. Whether it be food, fashion, heavy industry or just a plain old product shot, they all have to be handled sensitively for the brief. My approach is to work backwards by imagining the impact the product will have on the viewer and therefore potential customer. Establishing this will lead to the eye catching image that the client requires.

I am blessed to have travelled nationally and internationally with my work and still relish the thrill of creating the ultimate image. Being my own worst critic allows me to be continually inspired and at the top of my game.