Business/Corporate Portraits

Imagine walking into a shop to buy a product you need but there is no one there to help you. No friendly face to greet you and reassure you of their expertise in their field. Equally, imagine a business meeting where you are lead to a desk where everything is presented to you in a folder. It would seem strange to do business with such a faceless company.

For many, this is how their websites appear to their customers. Everything is on show from the products to a detailed description of the services on offer. But one thing is sadly lacking – a business portrait. This is rather grand term meaning a picture of the owner of the business or the whole team. People like to put a face to a name and see that the person they deal with is amiable and approachable.

This means that your pictures will represent you in a personal and creative way. Remember your site is as much about selling you as it is about your products.