Master Chef’s are fond of saying, “We eat with our eyes first”, but did you know there’s research to back it up? A study in the late 1970’s showed that, when we find food more appealing, not only do we enjoy it more we also absorb more nutrients from it. Subsequent studies have validated this finding and when we like what we see, we’re also prone to eat more!

Phil works on location in restaurants and hotels and has worked with top chefs such as Raymond Blanc, Paul Heathcote and Nigel Howarth.

Whilst food photography is a specialist area the beauty of inviting Phil into your establishment is that his own creative juices not only capture the food images that stimulate the senses but also the people and the surroundings that make the dining experience so individual to you.

We can tailor an individual on going price for regular updates to cover seasonal changes to the men, special occasions and offers.