Having trained to be an advertising photographer, I soon realised that unless it was a fashion shoot or a brief that required models, that I was banished to a dark studio without any access to humans whatsoever. So I started to dip my toe into the world of social photography and won a significant award with a shot from my fourth portrait session. I needed no further encouragement and still find this one of the more rewarding and exciting parts of my business.

The style has changed over the years and all my portraits are taken at the client’s home or on a personal location such as a beach, woods or favourite landmark. People are automatically more at ease on their own patch which is brought out in the natural expressions in the pictures. I am commissioned to shoot everything from Baby Portraits, Family Portraits and even Pet Portraits.

Also, my portrait work has taken me around the world with regular visits to the USA. It is a great feeling knowing my work will be around long after I have gone, leaving memories for the future generations. Clients include sports stars, celebrities and even royalty, though the majority is for discerning families wanting to capture today for tomorrow and proudly display the pictures around their homes.